SfL Commends Report Outlining Soil Conservation Practices in Missouri that Boost Productivity, Resilience and Carbon Sequestration

July 18, 2018

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI (JULY 18, 2018) – Solutions from the Land (SfL) commends the authors of the report released today – SOIL SOLUTIONS: Climate-Smart Farming in the Show Me State – that examines the conservation practices Missouri farmers are using to boost production, enhance soil carbon content and reduce soil loss. The report also looks at the land management practices that make farming and ranching operations in the state more resilient in the face of more volatile weather, including heavier rains, hotter temperatures and severe droughts.

Issued by Climate Central, the report reinforces the findings that improving soil health through increased soil carbon content can boost a producer’s bottom line, reduce runoff into neighboring waters, increase organic content in the soil and enhance biodiversity, nutrient cycling and other ecosystem services.

The report says the greatest carbon sequestration potential for ranchers comes with modified grazing practices, like rotational grazing. For farmers, the use of cover crops has the greatest potential savings. The report also shows the state’s southeastern Bootheel region and New Madrid County have the largest potential for storing carbon in the soil. In addition to producing clean energy feedstocks, the co-benefit of sequestering greenhouse gas emissions in the soil allows agricultural landscapes to contribute high value solutions to our energy, natural resource and climate challenges.

For additional information, contact SfL President Ernie Shea at 410-952-0123 or Eshea@SfLDialogue.net.

Solutions from the Land (SfL) is a not-for-profit corporation focused on land-based solutions to global challenges. SfL’s mission is to identify and facilitate the implementation of policies, practices and projects at a landscape scale that will result in land being sustainably managed to produce food, feed, fiber and energy while protecting and improving critical environmental resources and delivering high value solutions to combat climate change. For more on Solutions from the Land, click HERE.

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