Key Moments for the movement


U.S. House and Senate pass 25x’25 renewable energy resolutions Senate 25x’25 Resolution and House 25x’25 Resolution

 25x’25 Action Plan- Charting America’s Energy Future report released

Congress adopts 25x’25 national goal via the Energy Independence and Security Act


25x’25 produces Agriculture and Forestry in a Reduced Carbon Economy: Solutions from the Land.

25X’25 delegation attends UN Climate Change Conference (COP 15) in Copenhagen


2018  Missouri Smart Agriculture report released  


SfL joins UNFCCC as an official participating NGO

SfL makes its seventh submission into the UNFCCC Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture

SfL joins the FAO Private Sector Mechanism at the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in Rome.


SfL releases 21st Century Agriculture Renaissance report at the 47th plenary session of the United Nations Committee on Food Security in Rome.

SfL releases 4R case study and video Innovative Nutrient Stewardship Program Boosts Productivity for Farmers in Ghana, Ethiopia

SfL board member Pat O’Toole singularly represented the global farmers constituency at a June 15th UNFCCC O’Toole Represents SfL, Farmers at Global Climate Workshop

SfL defends Bioenergy: An Important Climate Change Solution Pathway

SfL and ASABE team up to promote Circularity in Food and Agriculture Systems – A New Way Forward

SfL Ohio Report Presages USDA ‘Build Back Better’ Initiative

Florida Climate Smart Agriculture Work Group Explores AI to Help Ag Deliver Needed Eco Services

VoLo Foundation Awards SfL $100,000 Grant in Support of Florida Climate Smart Agriculture Initiative

SfL Offers Producer Recommendations Ahead of UN Food System Summit This Fall

SfL Leader Stakes Out Farmer Position At U.S. Food System Stakeholder Listening Session

Iowa Smart Agriculture leaders release Iowa Smart Agriculture: Solutions from the Land- A New Vision for the Future, a draft white paper focused on Iowa agriculture in the 21st Century

SfL Leaders on the World Stage at COP 26, Glasgow, Scotland

 AG’s journal

SfL’s Pat O’Toole offers Congress Pathways to Restoring Forest Health and Water Storage

SfL Voices Commitment to World Food Summit and Sustainable Goals

Florida Ag Leaders Aim to Enhance Sustainability; Protect Gulf Coast Bays, Estuaries – Solutions from the Land


SfL Launches new Farmer Envoy Program

SfL joins the AIM for Climate Initiative

SfL Lauds Launch of New USDA ‘Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities’ Program

SfL Takes Pride in Joining Others in the Celebration of Earth Day

SfL Proposes an Eighth Critical and Enduring Issue to Ensure Global Food Security and Nutrition Priorities

Indiana Smart Agriculture Work Group launched

Kawamura Cites the Role of ‘Ag Renaissance’ in FAO Session on ‘Four Betters’ – Solutions from the Land

SfL vision featured in the 2022 “Smart Agriculture” edition of The Bridge

SfL Earns Accreditation to Global Environmental Talks

We need to prepare for future droughts, not simply react

SfL Leaders to Engage in High Level United Nations Forums – Solutions from the Land

Beyond productivity: Rebuilding circles of life to deliver multi-benefit goals via circular systems

FLCSA secures $2 million state grant to document ecosystems service delivery

SfL promotes the benefits of biofuels

SfL represents UNFCCC Farmers Constituency at Petersburg Climate Dialogue

SfL intervenes in UNEP with Farmers’ Perspectives on Global Strategy for Sustainable Consumption and Production

Celebrate the life of Tom Lovejoy

SfL launchesHeadwaters of the Colorado Initiative 

What farmers think about corporate carbon reduction pronouncements and programs

SfL leaders call for ag investments in federal climate legislation

SfL leaders at work in Rome

SfL hosts Headwaters of the Colorado field day and tour Public, Private Projects to Restore Forests, Build Their Capacity to Fight Climate Change

Ernie Shea delivered the 2022 Deal Lecture at Iowa State University

Published Iowa Smart Agriculture: Circles of Life Report

Watch Farmers Speak at COP27: International Climate Change Conversations

SfL COP27 Facebook Posts

Advanced circular systems pathways at The International Conference of the Agricultural Science ( in Vietnam

Florida farmers, ranchers, foresters gather post-Hurricane Ian to continue climate-smart work



SfL releases seventh state climate smart agriculture report

SfL earns accreditation status in the United Nations Water Conference.

SfL submitted SfL recs for HLPE Vo- Reducing inequalities for food security and nutrition.

Sfl on 2023 Farm Bill: Pathways to Resilience and Relevance in the 21st Century

SfL calls on Congress to protect the $20 billion in CSA funding

Ecosystem Services Move Forward in Florida – Florida Grower

SfL Global POW 2023-2026

SfL submits Sharm el-Sheikh multiyear plan of work recommendations

PSM endorses SfL’s CFS proposal

SfL holds highly successful side event at UN Water Conference

SfL holds mainstage event at the World Agri-Tech Summit.

SfL participates in GACSSA annual forum

SfL organizes workshop at IAFN’s May 3rd Climate, Science and Innovation forum in Rome.

SfL published Cross Boundary Watershed Restoration-An Organizational Approach_SfL 2023_

SfL on sustainable food systems

FLCSA produces second public service announcement

SfL Co-Chair A.G. Kawamura elected Co-Chair of the United Nations Environment Program farmers constituency

Maryland farmers showcase ag water management solutions

IASA holds Iowa Smart Agriculture: Circles of Life Forum

Six-month progress report on SfL’s global work program

SfL helps shape ASABE Circular Bioeconomy Systems Day

SfL et al comments on Multipollutant Rule

Florida teens join agricultural water conversations.

Preparing for the next UN Environmental Assembly

WSJ podcast The Sensors Helping Farmers Adapt to Extreme Weather

Finding common ground with Food and Agriculture Organization

SfL organizes CSA field tour FAS Highlights Climate-Smart Ag to South American Visitors | USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

SfL launches CSA thank you campaign for supporting CSA investments; see example here

SfL seeks Global farmers voices on adapting to changing climates

Florida farmers & ag researchers are sharing their work to advance climate-smart agriculture during #FloridaClimateWeek. Learn more at
#FCW2023 #FCW

Solutions from the Land releases policy guidance on farm data

SfL Envoy goes to Rome to share farmer perspectives on ag data

SfL contributes to Farmers’ Constituency COP28 position on SSJW

SfL Applauds Final COP 28 Agreement – Solutions from the Land

SfL COP 28 Event – Strengthening collection, analysis and use of agriculture and food system data for SDG Attainment

SfL COP 28 Event –Circular Bioeconomy Systems for Concurrently Delivering Agroecosystems Services and Food & Nutrition Security 

SfL COP 28 Event –Biofuels and the Circular Economy: A Roadmap to Net Zero


How to Join the SfL Movement


Individuals and organizations are invited to become SfL Partners. SfL Partners are asked to:


Publicly endorse the SfL vision


Provide input, feedback and guidance in support of a 21st century ag renaissance


Participate in a SfL Work Group


Additionally, partner organizations can help advance the SfL mission by:


Hosting SfL workshops, webinars or programs at organizational meetings


Highlighting SfL success stories in member publications


Participating in a SfL event