SfL Publications

Roadmaps for Sustainable Agricultural Development

National and Global Vision Reports

Data Policy Guidance: Strengthening Collection, Analysis and Use of Agriculture and Food System Data for SDG Attainment

SFL’s 2023 report affirms farmers are the owners of the data they generate on the farm.

21st Century Agriculture Renaissance: Solutions from the Land

A 2021 land steward perspective on how transformational, systemic change can meet mega-challenges faced worldwide.

Solutions from the Land: Developing a New Vision for United States Agriculture, Forestry and Conservation

SfL’s seminal 2013 work, evaluating agricultural adaptation pathways that remain relevant today.

Climate Smart Agriculture

Future State Development

Ohio Smart Agriculture: Solutions from the Land

In 2019, the Ohio Smart Agriculture project’s 3-year collaboration grew into a unique call to action for Ohio’s food system and agricultural economy.

Missouri Smart Agriculture: Exploring a Path for Agricultural Resiliency in Missouri

With SfL facilitating, the Missouri Smart Agriculture Work Group considered Missouri agriculture in 2050.

Keeping North Carolina’s Farms and Forests Vibrant and Resilient

Leaders from North Carolina’s ag sector developed adaptive management practices, policies and programs.

Iowa Smart Agriculture: Circles of Life

With an eye towards the future, Iowa agriculture is positioned to respond to and meet 21st century state, national and global needs.

Adaptation Strategies