SfL Network

A Growing Body of Farmer-Led Initiatives

The SfL Network

For our partners across North America, SfL serves as a platform that supports farmer leaders in pursuit of “uncommon collaborations” between groups who wish to create practical solutions to complex natural resource challenges.

These state and regional partnerships have grown into a nationwide network of farmer-rancher-forest landowner-led initiatives. Together and independently, these groups connect with a diverse audience, inspire farmers to do more, and mobilize public demand and support for solutions from the land.

Current Initiatives

Delmarva Land and Litter Collaborative

Delmarva farmers and their agri-business partners develop the tools to be respected stewards of the land, guardians of natural resources and champions of the rural cultural heritage in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Florida Climate Smart Agriculture

A diverse group of agricultural, conservation, environmental, fishery, wildlife, academic and governmental leaders develop and seek support for a climate smart agriculture and ecosystem services action plan that benefits producers, the public and the state of Florida.

Iowa Smart Agriculture

Farmers, agribusinesses and rural communities examine ways to keep Iowa agriculture profitable while providing nutritious food, clean energy, and ecosystem services such as water filtration and carbon sequestration.

North America Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance

Over 70 organizations and individuals from across the continent serve as agricultural thought leaders for a farmer-led platform that inspires, educates, and equips their partners to innovate effective local adaptations, both nationally and internationally.

Ohio Smart Agriculture

A 2-year, farmer-led process to envision how agriculture could provide adequate food and nutrition for all Ohioans; adapt to new climate conditions and ensure clean waterways; and remain viable while strengthening the economy of Ohio’s towns and cities.

Solutions for Urban Agriculture

Solutions for Urban Ag offers a unique opportunity to re-imagine what is possible for agriculture in a rapidly changing landscape and society. We offer innovative solutions and educational programming for management of resources and creative adaptation to issues of sustainability and resiliency within our food system.

Indiana Smart Agriculture

Solutions from the Land and Purdue University’s College of Agriculture are supporting a special self-directed Work Group, composed of Indiana agricultural thought leaders and value chain partners, who together are exploring and assessing the impacts that potential extreme weather events and changing climatic conditions are having and are expected to have on the state’s agriculture sector. More than 80 percent of Indiana’s land is devoted to farms and forests and every 10 jobs directly related to agriculture supports an additional eight jobs in the state. 

Legacy Initiatives 

Missouri Smart Agriculture

Missouri farmers assessed the need for basic adaptation opportunities and strategies to keep Missouri farms, ranches and forests remain resilient, productive and financially sound in a climate with a “new normal.”


Highly respected and well-networked agriculture and forestry thought leaders and organizations in North Carolina came to conclusions regarding the risks to the industry and state associated with a changing climate.

Native Pollinators in Agriculture

A group of national agricultural and conservation leaders came together to explore how native pollinators could supplement the pollination services provided by managed bees, and in turn increase on-farm productivity and profitability.

The 25x’25 Alliance

In 2004, a group that would later become SfL was invited to explore agriculture and forestry’s role in U.S. energy needs. “By 2025, America’s farms, forests and ranches will provide 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, while continuing to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed and fiber.”

Our Work

Domestic Platform

SfL is currently engaged in a national program of sustainability advocacy by sharing the findings of its established state CSA network and leaders.

Global Platform

SfL is currently engaged in a national program of sustainability advocacy by sharing the findings of its established state CSA network and leaders.

Domestic Engagement Updates

Check out SfL press releases on our ongoing work in North America.