SfL Partner Spotlight: Doug Berven

January 17, 2024

Solutions from the Land (SfL) Senior Advisor Doug Berven has been with the non-profit since the very beginning, volunteering his time, insight and guidance. In his full-time role, Berven is the Vice President of Corporate Affairs at POET. POET is a leader in sustainable bioproducts, providing plant-based alternatives to petrochemicals, like bioethanol, distillers grains, corn fermented protein, distillers corn oil, biogenic CO2 and dry ice, purified alcohol, and asphalt rejuvenator. Whether Berven is working with POET or SfL, he strives to promote the importance of agriculture, and the benefits of biofuels and environmentally conscious practices.

Curious to delve into Berven’s perspective on his role with the SfL team? We recently had the opportunity to sit down with him and gain insights into what he finds most gratifying about his involvement.

Q: How long have you served as senior advisor for SfL?

A: I’ve known (SfL President) Ernie Shea for at least 18 years from back in the 25x’25 days. Now SfL represents a broad range of perspectives that encompass the entirety of agriculture.

Q: What all does your role entail as a senior advisor for the team?

A: I try to be an asset to a talented team of advisors who offer perspectives from so many different angles in agriculture. I interact regularly with SfL leadership as well as several members of the Advisory Team. We exchange knowledge, ideas and motivations to promote the benefits of agriculture.

Q: What has been your favorite memory of working alongside the SfL team? 

A: I have many memories with SfL, but most of them revolve around COP Conferences. Ernie and the SfL Team know that venue better than anyone else and offer many opportunities for different perspectives to provide insight at the conference. SfL is intertwined in so many tentacles of the UN and COP that it’s hard to keep up. Their work in this area really sets SfL apart from other groups. SfL is a true leader in the global effort to give agriculture the credit it’s due.

Q: Why was it important to you to become a part of SfL’s efforts?

A: SfL holds a unique position in global affairs and it’s important to be engaged in these efforts.  Whether it’s FAO, UN, COP or any other global body, agriculture’s voice must be heard. This includes row crops, livestock, energy, conservation, bioprocessing and more. If agriculture is not getting the word out, agriculture will never meet its potential.  SfL must continue to lead the charge in educating the world on agriculture’s potential.

Interested in volunteering with SfL in 2024? Join our efforts as an individual or as an organization. Visit the SfL website for more information or contact Ernie Shea at eshea@solutionsfromtheland.org.

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