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SfL launches North America Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance

Changing and increasingly unpredictable climatic conditions and more frequent extreme weather events have not gone unnoticed by farmers, ranchers and foresters all across North America. While the causes of climate change are today still widely debated within the agriculture sector, there is growing interest in participating in conversations about how to...

SfL Land Management Model and Vision Embraced by Others

AGree, a broad group of farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, environmentalists and otherexperts recently announced their Consensus reports and initiatives on critical issues facing food and agriculture. In the Working Landscapes: Achieving Productivity, Profitability and EnvironmentalOutcomesreport,AGree calls for a shift in how conservation efforts are...

SfL Board of Directors Appointed

Eight Agriculture, Forestry and Conservation Thought Leaders Comprise Board A.G. Kawamura and Thomas Lovejoy have been elected as the inauguralCo-Chairs of the Solutions from the Land (SfL) Board of Directors, Solutions from the Land (SfL), a new not-for-profit corporation that brings together a broad range of stakeholders to explore the...

Our Vision

An Agricultural Renaissance, led by innovative and entrepreneurial farmers, ranchers and foresters constructing sustainable, profitable and resilient systems that lay the foundation for a world of abundance on many scales capable of producing nutritious food, feed, fiber, clean energy, healthy ecosystems, quality livelihoods, and strong rural economies.