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W.K. Kellogg Foundation Awards Solutions from the Land $500,000 Grant to Fund Upper Midwest Climate Smart Initiative

Solutions from the Land (SfL), a collaboration led by an acclaimed group of active farm, forestry and conservation leaders, has been awarded a grant to design and begin implementing a three-five year climate smart/resilient agriculture action plan designed to help Upper Midwest farmers adapt to changing climatic conditions, improve the resiliency of their operations and further enable agricultural landscapes to deliver multiple food, feed, fiber, energy and ecosystems services from the land.

U.S Climate Smart Farm Leaders Call on COP21 To Address Role of Agriculture in Battling Climate Change

An analysis of data released by the DOE's Energy Information Administration (EIA) that measures the amount of power generated by various resources shows more than 25 percent of the nation's net electrical generation came from renewable sources during the month of May. The percentage is a gratifying number for many involved in Solutions from the Land (SfL). The 25x'25 Alliance, an SfL initiative, was formed in 2005 to promote the role of our farms, ranches and forestlands in generating by 2025 at least 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, all while continuing to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed and fiber. SfL's roots in 25x'25 are reflected in the former's leadership, a team of respected agriculture, forestry, conservation, academic and industry influencers who came together in 2009 to explore integrated land management solutions that can help meet food security, public health, economic development, climate change and biodiversity conservation goals. Many of those now involved in SfL came out of the 25x'25 movement. When 25x'25 was inaugurated in 2005, the only 5.6 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States came from renewable sources. While it is gratifying to see that percentage has jumped four-fold over the past 15 years, with much of it coming in more recent years, policy makers at all levels must be strongly urged to continue to provide the tools America's farmers, ranchers and forestland owners need to sustain the growth needed to fulfill the renewable energy sector's full promise. (Read more…)

25x’25 Transitioning to Solutions from the Land

Kansas City, Mo (Nov. 11, 2015) - 25x'25, an alliance of nearly 1,000 partner organizations promoting thedevelopment of renewable energy in rural America, announced today that it will transition to become a special project of Solutions from the Land (SfL). SfL itself began as an offshoot of 25x’25, conceived and led by a team of respected agriculture,...

N.C. Ag, Forestry Leaders Pursue Adaptation Practices To Meet Threats Posed by Changing Climate Conditions

For immediate release RALEIGH, NC, Aug. 12, 2015 – Stakeholders are moving forward with the management practices needed to prepare North Carolina's agriculture and forestry sectors for changing climatic conditions that could otherwise pose threats to the state's economy. "As farmers, ranchers and foresters who make their living off the land, we are...

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An Agricultural Renaissance, led by innovative and entrepreneurial farmers, ranchers and foresters constructing sustainable, profitable and resilient systems that lay the foundation for a world of abundance on many scales capable of producing nutritious food, feed, fiber, clean energy, healthy ecosystems, quality livelihoods, and strong rural economies.