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Missouri Smart Agriculture Work Group

Missouri Smart Agriculture Work Group

Through this initiative a group of leading Missouri farmers, ranchers and foresters, along with key academic, business and government partners came together as the Missouri Smart Agriculture Work Group. The Work Group’s mission was to assess the challenges that changing climatic conditions and extreme weather events will pose to agriculture and forestry production in the state, examine basic adaptation opportunities, and determine the need and proper pathway for constructing an adaptation strategy to ensure that Missouri farms, ranches and forests remain resilient, productive and financially sound.

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Over the past decade, Missouri has experienced increasingly erratic climatic conditions and weather events ranging from a punishing drought in 2012 to more frequent and intense rain events that have contributed to crop and livestock losses, flooding, soil erosion and water quality degradation through the leaching of phosphorus and nitrates into the state’s waterbodies. These conditions, along with increased pressure from insects, invasive species and disruptions in pollination are expected to increase going forward, threatening crop and livestock production and the economic viability of farmers. 

Through this SfL facilitated dialogue Missouri agriculture leaders looked into the future, examined what science is telling them is coming, and identified ways to improve resiliency and ensure the economic viability of the state’s agricultural sector for decades to come.

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