Iowa Smart Agriculture’s Vision for Iowa

Innovative farm level circular systems deliver increased resilience, yield and profitability, income stability, water quality, soil carbon and many other ecosystem services. The report includes real-world examples from five Iowa farmers on how they have applied circular systems.

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Our Vision:

To manage Iowa’s working landscapes to safely and sustainably provide an abundance of food, feed, fiber, and energy, while concurrently protecting and building health in our soil; filtering and storing water; sequestering carbon and reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and ensuring economically compelling opportunities for our livestock producers, farmers, their families and communities.

Our Team:

More than 30 farmers and agriculture, conservation, academic and government partners who formed the Iowa Smart Agriculture Working Group (IASA). The group is supported by Solutions From the Land and Iowa State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Iowa Smart Agriculture (IASA)

Exploring 21st Century strategies..

to retain a strong, vibrant farm economy and workforce.

Involving farmers in conversations..

that move Iowa toward experimentation, innovation and adoption of new practices that can sustain and grow our farming enterprises.

Engaging farmers in actions..

to help ensure land/water-scape quality, access to nutritious food, and to preserve the land, air and water in our state for future generations.

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This report focuses on setting out a vision for Iowa smart agriculture, discussing challenges we face, offering a path forward for finding and putting in place Iowa solutions for the land and concluding with a call to action in support of Iowa’s food system and agricultural economy.

Let's set a path to the future

IASA invites you to join us in the Iowa Smart agriculture conversation and our second phase of work where we will be seeking to forge consensus on the priority building blocks needed to achieve the IASA vision. We are in the process of planning a winter 2023 forum in Des Moines to further advance the IASA efforts to challenge, promote, educate and equip our agricultural community in the 21st Century.