Charlie Eselgroth

Greenfield Ohio USA

Biographical Info

Charlie is a full time, lifelong farmer of 40+ years. He operates an 800-acre organic dairy, grass fed beef, and crop farm. His family has been farming organically for 20 years, with the last couple of fields currently in transition, and these last fields will be certified organic in the summer of 2018. The farm currently employs 5 young people, some full time, some part time, all eager to learn about agriculture, all interested in having their own operation someday. Charlie currently serves on the Dairy Executive Committee of CROPP / Organic Valley Cooperative, representing the Southwestern Ohio/Central Indiana region. In the past, he has served on the local Soil and Water Board, his church board, and the local Boy Scout troop. Charlie was a founding member of Innovative Farmers of Ohio, and a founding member of the Chillicothe Farmers Market.

Categories: Ohio Smart Agriculture Steering Committee