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Reflecting on 2022: A Year of Global Leadership

Looking back over the past year, we are awestruck by what farmers have accomplished together through Solutions from the Land in 2022. The farmer- and rancher-led SfL board of directors started the year by launching a global farmer enjoy program, which tapped eight nationally recognized agricultural producers who...

BlogClean EnergyClimate Smart AgricultureConservationEcosystem ServicesFood System

Florida farmers, ranchers, foresters gather post-Hurricane Ian to continue climate-smart work

Not quite three months after Hurricane Ian made landfall on the southwest coast of Florida, farmers, ranchers, forest landowners and agricultural supporters from across the state have gathered in Gainesville this week to continue discussions on how to improve resiliency on their land and operations. Hurricanes, like Ian, are not new to agricultural...

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EPA Renewable Fuel Standard proposed ‘set’ rule raises mixed reactions in agriculture

Corn and soybean farmers are often noted, for good reason, as leaders in the production of biomass-based renewable fuel feedstocks. However, livestock producers can also provide solutions as the nation seeks to reduce dependency on imported oil and emissions of greenhouse gases. Bryan Sievers, an Iowa farmer and co-chair for Iowa Smart Agriculture, a...

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Watch Farmers Speak at COP27: International Climate Change Conversations

November reminds us of all the things for which we are thankful. Farmers, ranchers and foresters are at the top of our list at Solutions from the Land. As we get settled back at home after the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference in Egypt this month, we are especially thankful for the Solutions from the Land farmer envoys who made the trip to Sharm...

BlogClimate Smart AgricultureConservationEcosystem ServicesFood SystemSustainable Development

Circular systems make sense for Iowa farms

More than four years ago, the Iowa Smart Agriculture (IASA) Working Group, composed of Iowa farmers and value-chain partners concerned about the future of their livelihoods, came together for a discussion. They saw volatile markets, supply chain issues, extreme weather events and changing climatic conditions were making it more difficult to operate....

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An Agricultural Renaissance, led by innovative and entrepreneurial farmers, ranchers and foresters constructing sustainable, profitable and resilient systems that lay the foundation for a world of abundance on many scales capable of producing nutritious food, feed, fiber, clean energy, healthy ecosystems, quality livelihoods, and strong rural economies.