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Moving the Global Agricultural Needle – A Year in Review

Like many organizations this time of year, Solutions from the Land’s leaders are evaluating 2023 and mapping out their path forward. As SfL President Ernie Shea explains, the recent holiday break may have been the first time in 12 months the non-profit leaders and their partners have had a moment to catch their breath. “There is a need to adopt many...

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Farmer Reflections of COP 28 Provide Hope

As the COP 28 deliberations came to a close, the annual ritual of one step forward two steps back was missing for agriculture – despite a struggle to include the term “farmers” in the final ministerial text. It’s the result of more than a decade's worth of hard work by farmers across the globe, our partners, Solutions from the Land (SfL) and our farmer...

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Behind-the-Scenes of COP28 Week One

Ray Gesser is energized after Week 1 of the United Nations Climate Change Convention in Dubai (COP28). Gaesser, a Solutions from the Land board member and Iowa farmer, says the SfL team has gone in with the mindset of wanting to get as much done as possible to uplift farmer voices. And the team is excited about the positive momentum it’s making. “It’s...

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Farmers Take the Stage at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference

Despite current challenges and divisions throughout the world, business leaders, climate scientists, young people, farmers, journalists and many more are putting aside potential differences to build bridges and accelerate global climate progress.  Solutions from the Land (SfL) is honored to be among the 70,000 member state representatives,...

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Florida leaders meet to discuss ecosystem services, Healthy Farms-Healthy Bays initiatives

Knowledge is a powerful tool when shared with others. As we learn from one another, we have the ability to collaborate and find solutions to the problems we desire to fix. This was the driving force Florida Climate Smart Agriculture (FLCSA) Work Group’s field day on Nov. 14.  FLCSA’s second field day showcased the latest research and resources for...

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Iowa farmers learn about anaerobic digestion at conference

Farmers looking to add economic and environmental value to their operations may find an ally in anaerobic digestion. This week, Nov. 6-8, the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and EPA Region 7 came together to co-host the Anaerobic Digestion on the Farm Conference – a comprehensive look at the anaerobic digester industry, which converts manure...

Our Vision

An Agricultural Renaissance, led by innovative and entrepreneurial farmers, ranchers and foresters constructing sustainable, profitable and resilient systems that lay the foundation for a world of abundance on many scales capable of producing nutritious food, feed, fiber, clean energy, healthy ecosystems, quality livelihoods, and strong rural economies.