The Role of Native Pollinators in Agriculture


The Native Pollinators in Agriculture Project has compiled a series of resources related to the role native pollinators play in enhancing agricultural productivity and profitability.


Reports, fact sheets, and guides developed by the Native Pollinators in Agriculture Project and our partners in pollinator conservation that reinforce the value of native pollinators and their contributions to agriculture

Grower Success Stories

Articles produced by the Native Pollinators in Agriculture Project on the success growers have achieved using native pollinators to supplement the pollination services provided by managed pollinators

Related Links and Videos

Additional websites and videos that contain information on native pollinators

            Speakers’ Bureau

Our speakers’ bureau is comprised of a variety of leaders in the agriculture and pollinator fields

The Native Ag Pollinators project is a legacy initiative of Solutions from the Land. Learn more about SfL here or search the Ag Pollinators site below!