The Role of Native Pollinators in Agriculture

The Native Pollinators in Agriculture Project is funded by:

National Association of State Conservation Agencies

The National Association of State Conservation Agencies exists to serve and represent it’s members, fifty-five state and territory conservation agencies of the United States. Members vary as to their place and function in state/territory government, but the agencies administer soil, water, and related natural resource conservation programs. NASCA works to facilitate communication and information sharing among its members, as well as provide needed training, forums for policy development, and representation. Additional information on NASCA can be found online at

Turner Foundation, Inc.

Founded in 1990 by Ted Turner, Turner Foundation, Inc. is a private, independent family foundation committed to preventing damage to the natural systems – water, air, and land – on which all life depends. The Foundation makes grants in the areas of the environment and population and focuses on four main components: Safeguarding Habitat, to protect terrestrial and marine habitats and wildlife critical for the preservation of biodiversity; Growing the Movement to engage, organize and empower new constituencies in order to ensure the future protection of the environment; Creating Solutions for Sustainable Living, to modify patterns of consumption and to halt further degradation of natural resources by addressing the environmental impacts of personal, institutional and community choices; and Healthy Planet, Healthy Communities, to restore or mitigate the effects of non-sustainable practices in order to enrich quality of life and the health of future communities and the planet. Learn more at

The Native Ag Pollinators project is a legacy initiative of Solutions from the Land. Learn more about SfL here or search the Ag Pollinators site below!