25x’25 Vision: By 2025, America’s farms, forests and ranches will provide 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, while continuing to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed and fiber.

State Resources

In an effort to assist the 25x’25 state alliances and our
partners in their efforts to broadcast the message of 25x’25, we have
provided the following “Partner Toolkit” that offers a variety of
communications tools and document templates for your use.

Possible State Alliance Initiatives:

  • Encourage others to endorse 25x’25
  • Distribute University of Tennessee 25x’25 Economic Analysis results
  • Share copies of the 25x’25 Action Plan with alliance members, partners and renewable energy champions in your state
  • Pursue your Governor’s and State Legislature’s official endorsement and adoption of the 25x’25 goal
  • Distribute copies of the 25x’25 Action Plan to state and local policy makers
  • Engage the media (radio/paper/news/magazines) by publicizing endorsements and 25’x25 news
  • Hold press events at renewable energy sites such as methane digesters, ethanol plants and wind farms
  • Meet with Editorial Boards and solicit endorsements of the 25x’25 goal
  • Submit op-eds to local and regional newspapers in support of 25x’25
  • Place a link to the 25x’25 website on partner websites
  • Participate in state-level conferences, presenting and exhibiting on 25x’25
  • Reach out to county commissioners to endorse 25x’25 and join the state alliance
  • Create a “speakers bureau”
  • Host state-level renewable energy summit showcasing 25x’25 with local leaders as speakers
  • Partner
    with your state’s land grant university to further renewable energy
    research and materials development for renewable energy education
    outreach work
  • Develop a state-level action
    plan to achieve 25x’25, including a fact sheet on how 25x’25 will
    benefit that state’s rural communities
  • Pursue the development
    of studies designed to assess and inventory biomass, solar, wind, and
    other renewable energy resources and land-use capabilities in the state
    towards the end of meeting the 25x’25 goal
  • Demonstrate
    leadership at the state level by hosting a discussion session around the
    issues of carbon and climate change and the opportunities and
    challenges that each pose for agriculture and forestry

Other Resources

For more information on state-level data, visit 25x’25 In the States.