25x’25 Vision: By 2025, America’s farms, forests and ranches will provide 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, while continuing to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed and fiber.

Regional, State, and Local Endorsements

If you believe your organization has endorsed 25x'25 but does not appear on this list, please click on the "Endorse 25x'25" link on our homepage and complete the form or send an email to info@25×25.org.

The following Regional, State, and Local organizations have endorsed 25x'25:

2425 Ventures, LLC (TX)

Abeo Renewable Energy (MS)

Access Creative (TX)

Ackdev, Inc. (OH)


Active Energies (CO)


Adams County Farm Bureau (IL)

Adams County Soil & Water Conservation District (IL)

Advanced Biofuels Coalition (VA)

Aedifico, LLC (NC)

African Global Development Initiative (NY)

Ag Connect (WI)

Ag Credit ACA (OH)

Ag Energy Resources, LLC (MS)

Ag Ventures Alliance (IA)

Agracel, Inc (IL)

AgRefresh (VT)

Agricultural Council of Arkansas

Agricultural Watershed Institute (IL)

Agri-Tech Producers, LLC


Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition

Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries

Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs

Alabama Farmers Federation

Alabama Forestry Commission

Alabama Solar Association

Alabama State Legislature

AlgaeFuel (CA)

Alliance for Affordable Energy (LA)

Alpha Solar Etc., LLC (AL)

alt.Consulting (AR)

Alternative Fuels Renewable Energies Council (PA)

American Bio-Fuels (AL)

American Classifieds of Knoxville, Inc. (TN)

American Cooperative Renewable Energy Sources (MI)

American Homegrown Fuel Corporation (FL)

American Lung Association of Upper Midwest

American Spirit Enterprises (AR)

American Sustainable Energy Council (MN)

AMFC, Inc. (NY)

Andrews Valley Initiative (NC)

Arbor Vitae-Woodruff School (WI)

ArborGen (SC)

Archimedes Aerospace LLC (VT)

Arellano Institute Manila, Philippines

ARiES Energy, LLC (TN)

Arkansas Advanced Energy Association

Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts

Arkansas Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils

Arkansas Climate Awareness Project

Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation

Association of Forest Industries, Inc. (MD)

Association of Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Auburn University (AL)

Avatar Alternative Energy (CA)

Azure Realty Services, Inc. (FL)

B.S.E. Consultants, Inc. (FL)

Balcones Resources (AR)

Bandit Industries (MI)

Bank of Newman Grove (NE)

Barnards Soil Service (IL)

Basin Electric Power Cooperative (ND)

Bauer Power, Inc. (IL)

BEECS Lab, Florida International University

Berkshire-Pioneer Resource Conservation and Development Council (MA)

BEST Energies (WI)

Biggers Process Group (GA)

BiobasedNews.com (TN)

Biodiesel Logic, Inc. (AL)

BioEarth, Inc. (PA)

Bioeconomy Development Corporation (NY)

Bioenergy Engineering, LLC

BioEnergy Products Discovery Group/BioPower Distributed Generation (NV)

BioEnergy Systems, LLC (AR)

BioFlorida, Inc.

BioFuelBox (CA)

Biofuels America, Inc. (TN)

Biofuels Racing Alliance (GA)

Biomass Connections, LLC (PA)

Biomass Energy Council (DC)

Biomass Partners (AL)

Biomass Rules, LLC (IL)

BioNebraska Life Sciences

BioResource Management, Inc. (FL)

Bioroot Energy (MT)


Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association, California Chapter

BlackBelt Cooperative (AL)

Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce (ID)

Blount County Soil Conservation District (TN)

Blount International, Inc. (OR)

Blue Green Energy (MI)

Blue Terra Energy (MI)

BlueFire Ethanol, Inc. (CA)

Bond County Farm Bureau (IL)

Boomtown Institute (IL)

Boone County Farm Bureu (IL)

Boyd Livestock Services (ID)

Bright Developments Corp (KY)

Brown County Farm Bureau (IL)

Buckeye Ethanol, LLC (OH)

Buckeye Renewable Fuels Association (OH)

Building Energy and Performance Outpost (WI)

Bull Mountain Enterprises, Inc (NC)

Bureau County Farm Bureau (IL)

California Agricultural Commissioners and Sealers Association

California Association of Winegrape Growers

California Chamber of Commerce

California Department of Food and Agriculture

California Farm Bureau Federation

California State Grange

California State Legislature

Capital Greenroofs, LLC (VA)

CarbonTech, LLC (AZ)

Carroll County Farm Bureau (IL)

Cascade County Commission (MT)

Cass County Electric Cooperative (ND)

Cass-Morgan County Farm Bureau (IL)

Cedars Capital, LLC (TX)

Center for Advanced Bioenergy Research, College of ACES, University of Illinois

Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability, James Madison University (VA)

Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, Washington State University (WA)

Central Alabama Clean Cities Coalition

Central Indiana Ethanol

Chamco, Inc. (IL)

Champaign County Farm Bureau (IL)

Chenango County Farm Bureau (NY)

Chester County Citizens for Climate Protection (4CP) (PA)

Chickasaw-Shilo RC&D (TN)

Chieftain Energy Corporation (OH)

Chippewa County Board of Commissioners (MN)

Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company (MN)

Christian County Farm Bureau (IL)

Cimmaron Light and Power (NE)

Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future

City of Aspen, CO

City of Barry, IL

City of Griggsville, IL

City of Marion, IN

City of Pittsfield, IL

City of Portland, OR

City of Salt Lake City, UT

City of Visalia, CA

CJ Enterprises (WI)


Clark County Farm Bureau (IL)

Clay County Farm Bureau (IL)

Clean Biofuels Coalition of Mississippi

Clean Cities of West Tennessee

Clean Fuel Technologies (FL)

Cloud County Farm Bureau (KS)

Clouston Energy Research, LLC (MI)

Coles County Soil & Water Conservation District (IL)

Collin College (TX)

Colorado Farm Bureau

Colorado Harvesting Energy Network

Colorado Renewable Energy Society

Colorado State Legislature

Colorado State University Extension

Community Bankers Association of Illinois

Community Biomass Technologies (NV)

Compass Strategies (FL)

Comves, Ltd. Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Conservation and Development Council (MA)

Consumers Energy (IA)

Cook County Farm Bureau (IL)

Cool Planet (MN)

Corporation for Economic Opportunity (SC)

Council of Western State Foresters

CP Holdings, LLC (MN)

Crain Consulting (MS)

Crestone Solar School of CO

Crop Input Systems, Inc.

Crowe Media Group, LLC (MI)

Crystal Falls Productions (IL)

CTL Engineering, Inc. (OH)

Cumberland County Farm Bureau (IL)

Cuppy's Coffee and Smoothies (FL)

Cygnet Biofuel. Inc (CA)

Delaware Nutrient Management Commission

Delta-Montrose Electric Association (CO)

DeWitt County Farm Bureau (IL)

DFA, Inc. (GA)

Dinkel Implement Company (NE)

Dioko Environmental Company (FL)

Distillers Grains Technology Council (KY)

Domes International India Ltd. of MS

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (MO)

Donnell Consulting (OH)

Douglas County Farm Bureau (IL)

Dunlap and Company (TX)

DuPage County Farm Bureau (IL)

Dupont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol (IL)

Early Tractor Company (GA)

Earth Friendly Fuels (AZ)

Earthwell Energy Management, Inc. of KY

East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition

Eckman's Computer Services (PA)

EcoAchievers, LLC (IL)

Ecology Center of Ann Arbor (MI)

Ecovation (NY)

Edgar County Farm Bureau (IL)

Edwards County Farm Bureau (IL)

Effingham County Farm Bureau of IL

ELF Inc. (FL)

Empire State Forest Products Association (NY)

Encompass Biotech LLC (SC)

Energize Now Initiative (MA)

Energy Alliance of Puerto Rico

Energy Heritage (AR)

Energy Strategy Group (MI)

EnergyWorks (MD)

Enerjyn (MN)

Enerkem, Inc. (Montreal, Canada)

Enhanced Pellets, LLC (LA)

Ensave, Inc. (VT)

Entegrity Wind Systems (VT)

Enterprise Projects, Inc. (OK)

Entira (TN)

Enviro Board Corporation (CA)

Environment Maine

Environment Maryland

Environment Michigan

Environment North Carolina

Environmental Power Corporation (NH)

Envy Solar (NV)

ePower Synergies, Inc. of IL

EPRIDA Scientific Carbons (GA)

Ernst Conservation Seeds (PA)

Eufaula Pulpwood Company (AL)

Exergy Development Group, LLC

F.R. Hall (MD)

Fairbault County Board of Commissioners (MN)

Far West Agribusiness Association

Farmergy Inc. (MO)

Fayette County Farm Bureau (IL)

Fay-Penn Economic Development Council (VA)

Feedlot Biofuel, LLC (KS)

Fibrowatt, LLC (PA)

First Coast Biofuels

Fishcreek Asset Management (NJ)

Florida Biofuels Association

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Florida Earth Foundation

Florida Farm Bureau Association

Florida Forestry Association

Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association

Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association

Florida State Legislature

Florida Tropical Fuels, LLC

Flower Power USA (WA)

Focus the Nation (OR)

Foresight Wind Energy, LLC (AZ)

Forest Concepts, LLC (WA)

Forest Energy Association (AL)

Forest Energy Corporation (AZ)

Forest Resource Consultants, Inc. (GA)

Forest2Market, Inc. (NC)

Foster Brothers Farm (VT)

Frazier, Barnes & Associates, LLC (TN)

Fredrickson & Byron, P.A. (MN)

Full Belly Music, CO

Fulton County Farm Bureau (IL)

Gaiergy Corp. (FL)

Gallatin County Farm Bureau (IL)

Gamma Solar Corporation (FL)

Genera Energy, LLC (TN)

Georgia Department of Agriculture

Georgia State Legislature

Georgia's Center of Innovation, Energy

Gevo (CO)

Glacial Hills Resource Conservation and Development Region, Inc (KS)

Global Biomass Fuels, LLC (FL)

Global Emissions Exchange (NJ)

Glover Oil Company (FL)

Golden Grain Energy, LLC (IA)

Grand Targhee Resort (WY)

Grasslands Renewable Energy LLC (MT)

Great River Economic Development Foundation (IL)

Green Capital Network, LLC (CA)

Green Electricity Buying Cooperative (MT)

Green Energy Products (AR)

Green Montgomery (AL)

Green Renewable Energy LLC (PA)

Green State Solutions (IA)

Green Grants, LLC (LA)

Green Vector Energy Technologies, LLC (FL)

Green Warders, Inc. (NJ)

Greene County Farm Bureau (IL)

Greenfield Plantation, Inc. (MS)

Greenline Industries (AR)

Greenstock LLC: California Biodiesel Feedstock Development

Greenway Renewable Energy (AR)

Greenwood Technologies, WA

GridPoint, Inc (DC)

Grundy County Farm Bureau (IL)

Gulf Coast Biofuels, LLC (LA)

Gulf Coast Energy, Inc (AL)

Hancock County Farm Bureau (IL)

Handcrafted Log (CO)

Harbec Plastics, Inc. (NY)

Harvesting Clean Energy (WA)

Haywood Community College (NC)

Headland Industrial Development Board (AL)

Heissendbuttel Natural Resource Consulting (VA)

Henry County Farm Bureau (IL)

High Noon Solar (CO)

HNM Sourcing, Karachi Pakistan

Hocking College Energy institute (OH)

Holy Cross Energy (CO)

Home Farm Technologies (MN)

Homeland Energy Resources Development (NY)

Hopping Green & Sams (FL)

Horan Bio Production (IA)

Hybrid Fuels, Inc. (MB)

Hybrid Power Technologies, LLC. (TX)

I Power Energy Systems (IN)

IIdaho Legislative Council Interim Committee on Energy, Environment and Technology

Ikehorn Industries (WI)

Illinois Agri-Women

Illinois Association of Regional Councils

Illinois Association of Resource Conservation and Development Areas

Illinois Corn Growers Association

Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association

Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs

Illinois Rural Electric Cooperative

Illinois Soil Testing Association

Illinois Solar Energy Association

Illinois Soybean Association

Illinois State Grange

Illinois State Legislature

Independent Bankers of Colorado

Indian Orchard Renewable Energy, LLC (PA)

Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Indiana Corn Growers Association

Indiana Corn Marketing Council

Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.

Indiana Soybean Board

Indiana Soybean Growers Association

Innovative Energy Technologies (AZ)

Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology (MN)

Institute of Forest Biotechnology (NC)

INTACT Community Development Corporation (NY)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (CO)

International Wood Fuels, LLC (CA)

Interstate Traveler Company (MI)

Interwest Energy Alliance (CO)

Iowa Central Community College

Iowa Central Fuel Testing Laboratory

Iowa FFA Association

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation

Iowa Institute for Cooperatives

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association

Iowa Soybean Association

IQ Learning Systems, Inc. (MO)

Irrigation Association (VA)

Jackson County Board of Commissioners (MN)

Jackson County Farm Bureau (IL)

Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation

Jane Addams Resource Corporation (IL)

Jasper County Farm Bureau (IL)

Jefferson County Board of Commissioners (GA)

Jerome County Fair (ID)

Jetson Green (TX)

Jo Daviess County Farm Bureau (IL)

John Wood Community College (IL)

Juhl Wind Inc. (MN)

K&C Machining (IL)

K.C. Larson, Inc. (PA)

Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson (ND)

Kankakee County Farm Bureau of (IL)

Kansas Agri-Women

Kansas Corn Growers Association

Kansas Department of Agriculture

Kansas Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (KEPCo)

Kansas Farm Bureau Federation

Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association

Kansas Soybean Association

Kansas State Legislature

Kaskaskia Watershed Association (IL)

KEMA Consulting

Kendall County Farm Bureau (IL)

KenGro Corporation (MS)

Kennedy and Coe, LLC (KS)

Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition

Kentucky Coalition for Renewable Energy Resources, Inc.

Kentucky Department of Agriculture

Kentucky Farm Bureau

Kentucky House of Representatives

Kentucky Rural Energy Consortium (KREC)

Knobel Seeds (NE)

Konrad Advising (CO)

Krause Corporation (KS)

La Rue Construction (CA)

Lake Erie Biofuels, LLC (PA)

Lake Region Resource Conservation (KS)

Lake Superior State University Biology Department (MI)

LandPro, LLC (IL)

Langhauser Associates, Inc. (IL)

Lanworth, Inc. (IL)

Larrabee Farms (CA)

LaSalle County Farm Bureau (IL)

Lebanon County Conservation District (PA)

Lee County IFAS (FL)

LEI Products (KY)

Lenawee County Board of Commissioners (MI)

LightBeam Energy, Inc (CA)

Lincoln County Board of Commissioners (MN)

Lincoln Land Community College (IL)

Lincoln Land FS, Inc. (IL)

Lipten Company (MI)

LiveWell Alamosa (CO)

Livingston County Farm Bureau (IL)

Losonoco Inc. (FL)

Louisiana CleanTech Network

Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry

Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation

Louisiana State Legislature

Loup Basin Resource Conservation and Development Council (NE)

LPP Combusion, LLC (MD)

LS9 Inc. (CA)

M&D Distributors (TX)

Macon County Farm Bureau (IL)

Macoupin County Farm Bureau (IL)

Maine Rural Partners

Martin County Board of Commissioners (MN)

Maryland Energy Administration

Maryland Forests Association

Mason County Farm Bureau (IL)

Massac County Farm Bureau (IL)

McDonough County Farm Bureau (IL)

McGuire Trading Company, Inc. (WA)

McHenry County Farm Bureau (IL)

McLean Co. Farm Bureau (IL)

McNairy County (TN)

Meadow Springs Farm LLC (OH)

Meg Whitman Gubernatorial Campaign

Menard County Farm Bureau (IL)

Mendel Biotechnology (CA)

Mercer County Farm Bureau (IL)

Merritt Oil (AL)

Metabolix (MA)

Michigan Agri-Business Association

Michigan Alliance of Cooperatives

Michigan Association of Timbermen

Michigan Farm Bureau

Michigan House of Representatives

Michigan Technological University

Microforestry Resource, Inc. (NM)

Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative

Mid-South Engineering Company – (MSECO) (AR)

Midwest Alliance for Renewable Energy

Midwest Biofuels (IN)

Midwest Biogas, LLC (MN)

Midwest Ethanol Producers, LLC (NE)

Midwest Forage Association (MN)

Midwest Renewable Energy Association (WI)

Midwestern Governors Association

Mike Farm Enterprises Inc. (OH)

Milagro Biofuels of Memphis

Millennium Capital Finance Company (TX)

Minnesota Agri-Women

Minnesota Corn Growers Association

Minnesota Project

Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc of ND

Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts

Mississippi Association of RC&D Councils

Mississippi Biomass Council

Mississippi Department of Agriculture

Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation

Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission

Mississippi State Legislature

Missouri Delta Ag Bioworks

Missouri Farm Bureau

Missouri Farmers Union

Misty Hills Farm (NY)

Molpus Timberlands Management (TX)

Molpus Woodlands Group (TX)

Monsanto Company (MO)

Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

Montana Farmers Union

Montana State Legislature

Montana State University – Northern

Montanans for a Healthy Climate

Montgomery County Farm Bureau (IL)

Montgomery Soil and Water Conservation District (OH)

Moonlighting Energy Solutions (NJ)

MOU Citrus Partnership, LLC (CA)

Moultrie County Farm Bureau (IL)

Mount Wachusett Community College (MA)

Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative (ND)

Myriant Technologies (MA)

NandoGroup (DC)

National Algae Association Mid-South Chapter (KY)

NativeEnergy (VT)

Nava Bio-Energy Ltd (VT)

Nebraksa Ethanol Board

Nebraksa Grain and Feed Association

Nebraska Association of Resource Districts

Nebraska Cattlemen's Assocation

Nebraska Congressional Delegation

Nebraska Cooperative Council

Nebraska Corn Board

Nebraska Farm Bureau

Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board

Nebraska Renewable Energy Association

Nebraska Rural Electric Association

Nebraska Soybean Association

Nebraska State Grange

Nebraska State Legislature

Nebraska Wheat Board

Nebraska Wheat Growers Association

New Beginnings Environmental (TX)

New England Wood Pellet, LLC (NH)

New Hampshire Electric Cooperative

New Hampshire Wind Energy Association

New Uses Council (MD)

New World Wind Power LLC (MT)

New York Farm Bureau

New York Farm Viability Institute

New York State Grange

NewGen Technologies, Inc. (NC)

Nodak Electric Cooperative (ND)

North American Industrial Hemp Council (WI)

North Carolina Farm Bureau

North Carolina Solar Center

North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association

North Central Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (WI)

North Dakota State Legislature

North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives

North Dakota Department of Agriculture

North Dakota Farm Bureau

Northeast Renewable Energy Association (NY)

Northeast Wyoming Resource Conservation and Development

Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters

Northern Biodiesel, Inc. (NY)

Northwest Biofuels Association (OR/WA)

Northwind Resources (IL)

Nova Fuels

NTE Energy LLC (FL)

Off Grid Solar (FL)

Ogle County Farm Bureau (IL)

Ohio Corn Growers Association

Ohio Environmental Council

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Ohio Farmers Union

Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Ohio League of Conservation Voters

Ohio Soybean Association

Oklahoma Bioenergy Center

Online Community News (PA)

Opaxis (NJ)

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Oregon Intelligent Ethanol Systems, LLC

Osage Bio Energy (VA)

Outpost Solar, LLC (TN)

Ovio Energy Inc. (LA)

OwnEnergy, Inc. (NY)

OXBO International (NY)

P.I.B. Inc. Wind Energy (MO)

Pacific Ethanol (OR)

Palisades Convention Management (NY)

Palmetto State Clean Fuels Coalition (SC)

Parts Express (OH)

Pellet Futures (VT)

Peloton Energy, LLC (CA)

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Electric Cooperative

Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Association

Pennsylvania Energy Resources Group (PA)

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Federation

Pennsylvania Farm Country Radio Network

Pennsylvania Farm News

Pennsylvania Forestry Association

Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association

Perry County Farm Bureau (IL)

Phase 3 Renewables (OH)

Phase Four Environmental Technologies (TN)

Piatt County Farm Bureau (IL)

Pike County (IL)

Pike County Chamber of Commerce (IL)

Pike County Economic Development Corporation (IL)

Pike County Farm Bureau (IL)

Pike County SWCD (IL)

Pine 2 Energy Coalition (GA)

Poche Prouet Associates, Ltd. (LA)

PowerRoots, LLC (AZ)

Pragmaxis, LLC (TX)

Prairie Hills Resource Conservation (IL)

Premier Alternative Energy (TX)

Price BIOstock Services of AR

ProActive Energy Concepts (UT)

Pro-Vision Development Corporation (IA)

Public Interest Research Group in Michigan

Public Policy Virginia

Pulaski-Alexander Farm Bureau (IL)

Pure Vision Technologies (CO)

Purgo-Terra Corp (SC)

PvH Communications (CO)

Raceland Raw Sugar Corp. (LA)

Ratepayers United of Colorado

Rebirth Capital (LA)

Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association

ReDriven Power Inc. (MA)

Redwood County Board of Commissioners (MN)

Regal Blue Eagle, LLC (CA)

Relevant Ideas, LLC (VA)

Reliant PM Services (ID)

REM Solar Technologies (AL)

Renew Missouri

Renewable Ag Energy Inc. (ID)

Renewable Energy Cooperative of AR

Renewable Energy Systems, LLC (FL)

Renewable Energy Vermont

Renewafuel, LLC (MN)

Renville County Board of Commissioners (MN)

Resolute Marine Energy, Inc. (MA)

Resource Management Company, Inc. (KS)

Richland Community College (IL)

Rieke Office Interiors (IL)

RJRdata, LLC (IA)

Rock County Board of Commissioners (MN)

Rock Island County Farm Bureau (IL)

Rocket Wind Energy, LLC (TX)

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (CO)

Rocky Mountain RecycOil (CO)

Rocky Mountain Wood Company (MA)

RS Enterprises (WI)

Runkel Consulting (CA)

Rural Minnesota Energy Board

Saline County Farm Bureau (IL)

Salmon Valley Stewardship (ID)

Sangamon County Board Office (IL)

Sangamon County Farm Bureau (IL)

San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization (CA)

Save the Springs (CO)

Schuyler County Farm Bureau (IL)

Scott County Board of Commissioners (IL)

Scott County Farm Bureau (IL)

Scott County SWCD (IL)

Seminole SWCD (FL)

Shaw Company (MO)

Shield Ag Equipment (KS)

Show Me Energy Cooperative (MO)

Simplicity Energy Farms, Inc. (CO)

Skyhorse Media Inc. (CA)

Smartgrowth Associates (CO)

Solar Signs Project, Inc. (FL)

SolarWrights, Inc.

South Carolina Biomass Council

South Carolina Department of Agriculture

South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation

South Dakota State Legislature

South Dakota Veterans of Foreign Wars

South Dakota Wind Energy Association

Southeast Agriculture & Forestry Energy Resources Alliance (SAFER)

Southeast Carbon Management, LLC (FL)

Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (GA)

Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Southern Alliance for the Utilization of Biomass Resources

Southern Crop Production Association (GA)

Southern Equipment Dealers Association (GA)

Southern Forest Research Partnership

Southern Group of State Foresters

Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board (NY)

Southern Utah Biomass

Southwest Windpower

Soy Energy, LLC

Spider Energies (MI)

Sriya Innovations (GA)

St. John Valley Soil and Water Conservation District (ME)

StarOilco (OR)

Steel City Biofuels (PA)

Stephenson County Farm Bureau (IL)

Stevens County Board of Commissioners (MN)

Stinger Ltd. (KS)

Stinker Stores (ID)

Stone House Hermitage and Farms (MO)

Strata-G of (MS)

Stratex Energy (ME)

Sukup Manufacturing Co (IA)

Summers Consulting (CA)

Sun Grant Initiative (DC)

SunBelt Biofuels LLC (GA)

Sunbow Farm (OR)

Suncrest Group, LLC (CO)

Sunflower Electric Power Company (KS)

Sunrise Agro Export Pvt. Ltd. (India)


SunSouth (AL)

Sunvention USA, Inc. (IN)

Sustainable Fuels, LLC (LA)

Swatara Creek Watershed Association (PA)

Syria Green Energies, LLC (GA)

Tarm USA, Inc. (NH)

Taylor County Board of Commissioners (FL)

Tazewell County Farm Bureau (IL)

Techno Square (Dasha, Bangladesh)

Tele-Consutants, Inc. (VA)

Templin Forestry, Inc. (LA)

Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation

Tennessee Renewable Energy and Economic Development Council

Tennessee State Legislature

Terror-Free Oil Initiative of FL

Tetra Tech EC (FL)

Texas Agri-Women

Texas CHP Initiative

Texas Farm Bureau

Texas Forestry Association

Texas Impact

Texas Office of Rural Community Affairs

Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association

Texas Rural Alliance for Renewable Energy

Texas Solar Energy Society

The Abundance Foundation (NC)

The Alternative Energy Store (MA)

The Asset Company (MS)

The Center For Rural Development (KY)

The Facility Place (MA)

The Fresh Idea Farm (WA)

The Green Footprint Network

The McFarren Group (PA)

The McGregor Company (WA)

The Minnesota Project

The Powell Group/Agrilectric Power (LA)

The Price Companies (AR)

The Samuels Group, Inc (TX)

The Sign Center (FL)

The Traylor Group Inc. (AL)

The Tree Doctors

The Westervelt Company (AL)

The Westervelt Company (AL)

Think Energy, Inc. (MD)

TimberCorp, Inc. (MS)

Town of Fowler, CO

Tranquility International Inc. (TN)

Triangle Energy Group (MN)

Triple G Inc. (CA)

Tri-State Development Summit (IL)

True Market Solutions (CA)

TSS Consultants (CA)

Two Rivers FS, Inc (IL)

Two Rivers Regional Council of Public Officials (IL)

Two Rivers Resource Conservation and Development(IL)

Union of Concerned Scientists (MA)

United Bio Energy (KS)

United Energy Technology (FL)

United Equipment Dealers Association (IN, KY, MI, OH)  

United Renewable Energy, LLC (GA)

Unity Ethanol, LLC (IA)

University of Alabama

University of Colorado – Boulder Energy Initiative

University of Florida IFAS (Institute of Food and Agricultural Services)

University of Florida Office of Sustainability (FL)

University of Florida, Lee County IFAS

University of Minnesota – West Central Research and Outreach Center

Upper Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri Rivers Association

US Composting Council (MD)

USAEnergyIndependence.com (IL)

Valley 25x'25- James Madison University (VA)

VanCoe (IN)

Vayda Energy Associates (MD)

Verdant BioSciences Corporation (CO)

Verendrye Electric Cooperative (ND)

Verenium Corporation (MA)

Vermilion County Farm Bureau (IL)

Vermont State Legislature

Vermont Bio Fuels Association

Vermont Farm Bureau Association

Veterans Energy Solutions, LLC (FL)

VFA, Inc (MA)

Village of Hull, IL

Virent Energy Systems, Inc.

Virginia Clean Cities

Virginia Education Association

Virginia Farm Bureau Association

Virginia Forest Products Association

Virginia Forestry Association

Vision Press (PA)

Walker Enterprises (VA)

Walsh Timber Company (LA)

Warren County Board (IL)

Warren Henderson Farm Bureau, IL

Washington Barley Commission

Washington Grain Alliance

Washington State Conservation Commission

Wayne County Farm Bureau (IL)

West Arapahoe Conservation District (CO)

Westar Trade Resources (TX)

Westcrete Building Systems (TN)

Western Illinois Corridor Council

Western Illinois Economic Development Authority

Western Indiana Sustainable Energy Region (WISER)

Western Resource Advocates (CO)

White Construction, Inc. (IN)

White County Farm Bureau (IL)

Will County Farm Bureau (IL)

Williams Farms LP (OH)

Wind for Illinois

WindRosePower, LLC (TX)

Winnebago County Farm Bureau (IL)

Wisconsin Partners for Sustainability

Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group

Wiser (IN)

Woodland Biofuels, Inc. (MD)

WPC, Inc. (NC)

Xcelplus Global Holdings, Inc. (VA)

Xethanol Corporation (NY)

Yellow Medicine County Board of Commissioners (MN)

Zandergreen Technologies (TN)

Ze-Gen (MA)

Zilkha Biomass Energy (TX)


Supporting Entities:

American Bankers Association