25x’25 Vision: By 2025, America’s farms, forests and ranches will provide 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, while continuing to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed and fiber.

In the States: Endorsements

While grassroots activities continue to build for 25x’25, top-tier support at the state level is also growing.  Currently, twelve governors, twenty four former governors, and fifteen state legislatures have endorsed 25x’25.

pdf Printable List of State Endorsements

The following governors have endorsed the 25x’25 vision:

Governor Mike Beebe (D-AR), Endorsement letter
Governor Robert Bentley (R-AL), Endorsement letter
Governor Steve Beshear (D-KY), Press Release
Governor Sam Brownback (R-KS)
Governor Dennis Daugaard (R-SD), Endorsement letter
Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN)

Governor Dave Heineman (R-NE), Endorsement letter and Press release
Governor John Lynch (D-NH), Press release
Governor Jay Nixon (D-MO),  Endorsement letter
Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter (R-ID), Executive Order
Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL), Press Release
Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-MT), Endorsement letter

The following former governors endorsed the 25x’25 vision:

Governor Phil Bredesen (D-TN), Endorsement letter
Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL), Resolution
Governor Jim Douglas (R-VT), Press release
Governor Jim Doyle (D-WI), Endorsement letter and Energy Declaration
Governor Robert Ehrlich (R-MD), Endorsement letter
Governor Ernie Fletcher, (R-KY), Endorsement letter
Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI), Press release
Governor Brad Henry (D-OK),  Press Release
Governor John Hoeven (R-ND), Endorsement letter
Governor Tim Kaine (D-VA), Endorsement letter
Governor George Pataki (R-NY), Endorsement letter
Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN)
Governor Sonny Perdue (R-GA), Letter of Commendation
Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA), Press release
Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM), Endorsement letter
Governor Bob Riley (R-AL), Endorsement letter
Governor James Risch (R-ID), Endorsement letter
Governor Bill Ritter (D-CO) Endorsement letter
Governor Mike Rounds (R-SD)
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA), Endorsement letter
Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS), Letter to Governors’ Ethanol Coalition
Governor Ted Strickland (D-OH),
Endorsement letter
Governor Bob Taft, (R-OH), Endorsement letter
Governor Tom Vilsack (D-IA), Endorsement letter 

The following State Legislatures have passed 25x’25 Resolutions:

Alabama, Resolution
California, Resolution
Colorado, Resolution
Florida, House Resolution and Senate Resolution
Georgia, House Resolution and Senate Resolution
Illinois,  Resolution
Kansas, House Resolution and Senate Resolution
Louisiana, Resolution
Mississippi, Resolution
Montana, Resolution
Nebraska, Resolution
North Dakota, Press Release
South Dakota, Resolution
Tennessee, Resolution
Vermont, Resolution

The following counties have endorsed 25x’25:

Cascade County, MT, Resolution
Chippewa County, MN
Faribault County, MN

Jackson County, MN
Jefferson County, GA

Lenawee County, MI
Lincoln County, MN
Martin County, MN

Pike County, IL

Redwood County, MN
Renville County, MN
Rock County, MN
Scott County, IL
Stevens County, MN
Taylor County, FL Resolution
Yellow Medicine County, MN

The following cities have endorsed 25x’25:

Aspen, CO
Barry, IL
Fowler, CO
Griggsville, IL
Hull, IL
Marion, OH
Pittsfield, IL
Portland, OR
Salt Lake City, UT
Visalia, CA