25x’25 Vision: By 2025, America’s farms, forests and ranches will provide 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, while continuing to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed and fiber.



Georgia's expansive agricultural and forestry lands hold excellent biomass potential, and useful wind, solar, and geothermal resources round out its renewable portfolio.

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Resource Maps

Wind Map

ga_wind2.jpg Wind resources at 90 meters


Solar Map

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Georgia 25x'25 Renewable Energy Roundtable Forum

The Georgia 25x’25 Renewable Energy Roundtable was held October 3, 2007, in Atlanta Georgia.  The purpose of the forum was to establish a dialogue with and among stakeholders on the opportunities, challenges, and impacts associated with the use and forest and agricultural woody biomass in the production of energy for electricity, transportation fuels, and other renewable energy applications.

Roundtable Agenda Roundtable Agenda 

Forum and Tour Photos Forum and Tour Photos 

Roundtable Press Release Roundtable Press Release 

Event Presentations:

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Gary Black, Georgia Agricusiness Council, Georgia 25x'25 State Alliance Gary Black, Georgia Agricusiness Council, Georgia 25x'25 State Alliance 

State Government Resources 

Jill Stuckey, Georiga Environmental Facilities Authority Jill Stuckey, Georiga Environmental Facilities Authority 

Panel Discussion: Status of Georgia & Southern Region Woody Biomass Resources

Nathan McClure, Georgia Forestry Commission Nathan McClure, Georgia Forestry Commission 

Larry Biles, Southern Forest Research Partnership Larry Biles, Southern Forest Research Partnership 

Dr. John McKissick, University of Georgia Dr. John McKissick, University of Georgia 

Biomass Conversion Technologies Overview

Dr. K.C. Das, University of Georgia Dr. K.C. Das, University of Georgia 

Panel Discussion: New Woody Biomass Feedstock Opportunities

John Pait, Cellfor John Pait, Cellfor 

Nathan Ramsey, Arborgen Nathan Ramsey, Arborgen 

Where to Find Biofuels Pumps

E85 Pumps in GA:

Biodiesel pumps in GA:

How to Sign Up for Green Power

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