25x’25 Vision: By 2025, America’s farms, forests and ranches will provide 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, while continuing to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed and fiber.

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For general inquiries, please email info@25×25.org

  Please mail printed endorsement forms and other correspondence to:

25x'25 Alliance
  1430 Front Avenue
  Lutherville, MD 21093

  Phone: (410) 252-7079

Fax: (410) 616-9264


For press inquiries, please contact

    Bill Eby (beby@25×25.org ), 512.940.8990

For inquiries regarding state activities, please contact

    Brent Bailey (bbailey@25×25.org)

For inquiries regarding agricultural, forestry and conservation sector involvement, please contact

    Ernie Shea (eshea@25×25.org)

For policy and project inquiries, please contact

    Ernie Shea (eshea@25×25.org

For administrative questions, please contact

    Shannon Mott (smott@25×25.org)


The 25x'25 Executive Committee Members can be contacted at:

J. Read Smith, Co-Chair (read@jrsjv.com)
Bart Ruth, Co-Chair (bartruth01@gmail.com)
A.G. Kawamura (agkawa@me.com )
Martin Lowery (martin.lowery@nreca.coop )
Allen Rider (rideracg@aol.com)
Ernest C. Shea (eshea@25×25.org)
Gerald Vap (jerryvap@me.com)
Fred Yoder (fredyoder4510@gmail.com )
The 25x'25 Senior Advisors can be contacted at:
John "Jack" R. Block (jblock@ofwlaw.com)
Leonard Bull (homebull@aol.com)
Thomas W. Ewing (twewing@yahoo.com)
Barry Flinchbaugh (bflinchb@agecon.ksu.edu)
Robert Foster (rfmoodoo@sover.net)
Richard Hahn (rchahn@tconl.com)
Harry L. Haney Jr. (hhaney@vt.edu)
Ron Heck (checkers@netins.net)
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (stephanie.hersethsandlin@ravenind.com )
Bill Horan (billhoran66@gmail.com)
Jim Moseley (jmose74@earthlink.net)
Bobby D. Moser (Moser.2@osu.edu)
Bill Northey (whn@IowaAgriculture.gov)
Keith Olsen (kolsen@gpcom.net
William Richards, (wjr1066@aol.com)
Charles Stenholm (cstenholm@ofwlaw.com)
E. Dale Threadgill (tgill@engr.uga.edu)

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