25x’25 Vision: By 2025, America’s farms, forests and ranches will provide 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, while continuing to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed and fiber.

About 25x’25: FAQs

What is 25x’25?

25x’25 is a renewable energy initiative backed by organizations and individuals united by a common interest in making America’s energy future more secure, affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Through the 25x’25 Alliance, partners are working together to advance renewable energy solutions from our nation’s farms, ranches and other working lands. 25x’25 is supported by the Energy Future Coalition and is led by a committee composed of volunteer leaders from the agricultural, forestry and renewable energy communities.

Why increase renewable energy use?

We have an abundant supply of renewable feedstocks and resources right here in our backyard, including biomass (corn, soybeans, agricultural and forestry residues, and energy crops), biogas, wind, solar, and others. Dramatic increases in the price of gasoline, home heating oil, and natural gas have made it clear that energy costs are on the rise. We can lower these costs by:

  • Converting agricultural feedstocks into biofuels that are cheaper, burn cleaner, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Converting wind and solar energy into electricity that heats our homes, powers our businesses and hospitals, and lights our schools. Creating electricity from renewable energy also relieves the pressure on natural gas, freeing it up for important industrial applications.
  • Increasing renewable energy investment that will create high paying, diversified jobs, provide additional revenue streams to land owners, and contribute to local tax bases across the country.

Clean technologies and renewable sources are ready now. Through the 25x’25 initiative, we can bring a new generation of clean energy to America.

What does an organization commit to by endorsing 25x’25?

By endorsing 25x’25, your organization will join a broad alliance of organizations, elected officials, and individuals committed to the goal of deriving 25 percent of America’s energy from renewable resources by 2025. An organization commits its resources, members and leadership to showing the political support to achieve 25x’25 and join with other partners in determining how we will reach that goal. This support can come in many forms. As partners in the alliance, organizations will be asked to assist with:

  • Establishing 25x’;25 as a national goal though advocacy with national and state policy makers
  • Publicizing 25x’25 through the news media, internal communications and public outreach
  • Recruiting additional 25x’25 partners
  • Strategy and implementation planning as the alliance collaboratively develops a plan to achieve the 25x’25 goal.
  • Mobilization of public support for 25x’25 and development of 25x’25 state alliances.

What does a Member of Congress or Legislator commit to by endorsing 25x’25?

Elected officials commit to supporting efforts to move their locality, state, region or nation closer to the goal of 25x’25. They’ll gain a unique opportunity to secure America’s energy future, create new economic opportunity, strengthen their communities, and ensure a prosperous and healthy future for their children.

What does an individual commit to by endorsing 25x’25?

Having the support of all Americans is very important to 25x’25. Individuals can have an extraordinary impact on their elected officials by simply calling or writing their offices. Additionally, you can help by talking to your family, friends and neighbors, by writing letters to your newspaper, and by getting involved with our growing local and national grassroots efforts for 25x’25. Please visit our website at www.25×25.org for more information about these efforts.

How do you endorse 25x’25 and join the Alliance?

Participants join the alliance by endorsing the 25x’25 vision and committing to work collaboratively with other 25x’25 champions in advancing this vision. To sign up as a 25x’25 champion please visit “endorsing the vision.”