25x’25 Vision: By 2025, America’s farms, forests and ranches will provide 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, while continuing to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed and fiber.

About 25x’25

What is 25x'25?

"25x'25" is a rallying cry for renewable energy and a goal for America – to get 25 percent of our energy from renewable resources like wind, solar, and biofuels by the year 2025. 

Increasing America's renewable energy use will:

  • Bring new technologies to market and save consumers money.   
  • Reduce our dependence on oil from the Middle East.   
  • Create good new jobs in rural America.   
  • Clean up the air and help reduce urban smog and greenhouse gas emissions.

The 25x'25 Alliance
Through the diligent efforts its diverse array of partners, the 25x’25 Alliance has evolved into a powerful coalition united behind the goal of securing 25 percent of the nation’s energy needs from renewable sources by the year 2025. To date, the 25x’25 goal has been endorsed by nearly 1,000 partners, 35 current and former governors, 15 state legislatures and the U.S. Congress through The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

25x’25 Transitioning to Solutions from the Land
On November 11, 2015, the 25x’25 Alliance officially transitioned to a special project of Solutions from the Land (SfL). SfL itself began as an offshoot of 25x’25, conceived and led by a team of respected agriculture, forestry, conservation, academic and industry leaders who came together in 2009 to explore integrated land management solutions that can help meet food security, public health, economic development, climate change and conservation of biodiversity goals. 25x’25 is the foundation of SfL’s clean energy platform, and perfectly complements the two other areas of focus for SfL, which are large-landscape, working lands, conservation initiatives and climate-smart agriculture.

Progress on the way to 25x’25!

Since the launch of the 25x'25 Vision in 2004, production of energy from biomass, wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal energy in has grown more than half, accounting for a record 9.192 quads (quadrillion Btus) in 2013, which represents more than 11.2 percent of all U.S. energy produced. On the consumption side of the ledger, the U.S. used still another record 9.185 Btus of renewable energy, or roughly 9.4 percent of all energy consumed in the United States, a growth of nearly 55 percent over the past 10 years. The DOE's Energy Information Administration says wind energy's contribution to the energy produced in this country has grown by more 1,400 percent over the decade, while solar power's share of the market has increased five-fold. Energy from biomass, including biofuels, wood and residues, rose by more than 62 percent since the launch of 25x'25.

Join us!

We are now on a path to meet or exceed the 25x’25 goal, but much still remains to be done. We need your help as we work to forge a path to a cleaner, more secure and economically viable new energy future — one defined by ever-increasing amounts of domestically produced, renewable forms of energy. Endorse 25x'25.